Boston College 73, Harvard 64: Best start since 2007



Boston College is 4-0 for the first time since 2007, as the Eagles took down Harvard at home Saturday night on a Taylor Swift/The Eras-themed shirt night.

Who but Quinten Post led the way for the Eagles — he put up 20 points including one three-pointer and an impressive 19 boards on top of five blocks and a pair of assists.

The two sides played it tight all the way through, with the Crimson having a 35-33 lead over BC at halftime. Harvard then went on an 8-0 run out of the half to take a 10-point lead, but that was followed up by an Eagles 13-0 run of their own to take a 46-43 lead five minutes into the second half. The back-and-forth continued from there, but BC continued to remain out in front with a slight lead. Though, with four minutes to go, BC began to pull away before Harvard’s deficit became out of reach for them. BC would sneak away with their fourth straight win.

Post, Claudell Harris Jr., and Jaeden Zackery combined for 57 of the team’s 73 points. Harris Jr. went an impressive 4-of-8 from beyond the arch while also grabbing three assists. Zackery had five assists while knocking down a three to contribute to his tally of 18.

BC picks the action back up Wednesday afternoon (1:30 p.m. ET) in Kansas City with a matchup against Colorado State in the Hall of Fame Classic. They’ll then take on either Creighton or Loyola Chicago in either the tournament championship or the consolation game.

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