Elijah Jones: The Red Bandana Game means more



On Saturday Boston College will ditch the maroon and gold uniforms, for the red bandana print. In what will be the 10th edition of the program’s tradition, the meaning behind it is not lost on the Eagles. For Graduate defensive back Elijah Jones, in particular, the opportunity to honor a fallen hero and represent the program is synonymous with the game itself.

“The Red Bandana game means a lot. Welles represented basically what it meant to be a BC man to the fullest extent,” Jones told “Him as a volunteer firefighter and kinda like embracing that service attitude that we have, where, in the instances, he could’ve saved himself and frankly where a lot of people would’ve saved themselves, he went back upstairs … I’m looking forward to honestly going out there and playing my hardest and honoring Welles.”

The game itself has morphed into a marquee event on the Boston College campus every fall, and the hype that comes along with it has given the program an opportunity to put itself front and center. This year is certainly no different, but with all the pomp and circumstance that comes with the game, the reason behind will be at the front of Jones’ mind.

Boston College has aligned the game with top opponents in recent years. Specifically in the Jeff Hafley era, the Eagles have hosted top-5 opponents in two out of the previous three seasons. This year will be no different, as Florida State boasts a No. 3 ranking nationally. The Seminoles will be a tall task on Saturday afternoon.

“They have really good wide receivers on the other side — Keon Coleman, Johnny Wilson, and Jordan Travis, who honestly is a Heisman candidate right now.”

For defensive stalwart, this will be his sixth Red Bandana Game. Simply stated, the game just means more, no matter the level of competition.

“We beat Miami my freshman year in 2018 and that was great because no one gave us a chance in hell,” he said. “It’s Miami, the U, its always gonna get the popularity always the underdog going against the bigger schools … Its a money game and you get up for these games, you don’t have a lot of opportunities where you get to say you play against a top-5 team.”

This game has created some great moments for the team, the players specifically, and the fans. What it represents is larger than the football field. It presents an opportunity for the Boston College community to come together and honor a fallen hero. Celebrating the life of Welles and allowing his memory to be spread about. The Man in the Red Bandana has become synonymous with the University lure. Saturday, Jones and the rest of the Eagles will do their part in exhibiting the values that Welles has left.

“It’s always the toughest games it’s kinda the time where everyone comes together the most,” he explained. “You get up for those games and try to mimic the comradely and bravery that Welles epitomized.”

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