Recruiting notebook: Reviewing signing day, recent portal commits



Boston College now has a top 20 transfer portal class in the nation according to 247, as after Wednesday’s signing day Boston College has added two more names via the transfer portal.

BC received the commitment of Vanderbilt wide receiver Jayden McGowan Friday, as the speedy 5-foot-8 has had a big two seasons for the Commodores. In 24 games played he’s caught 80 passes for 836 yards, and BC flipped him from South Carolina. On kickoffs, he’s returned 335 for 845 yards and a touchdown. McGowan has a huge YAC ability, and yes, the Zay Flowers comps have already started with him also wearing No. 4 in the commitment post — the number is obviously available now after Ryan O’Keefe medically retired.

Today BC also got another defensive back from Ohio State (joining Ryan Turner), Cameron Martinez. The senior in Martinez appeared in just three games during the 2023 season but prior to this season he had registered 25 games with an interception and 38 tackles.

Transfer in list: CB Cameron Martinez, WR Jayden McGowan, WR Jerand Bradley, RB Jordan McDonald, TE Ryan Boultwood, CB Ryan Turner RB Treshaun Ward, TE Kamari Morales, CB Bryquice Brown

Transfer out list: WR Taji Johnson, CB CJ Clinkscales, WR Jaden Williams, QB Emmett Morehead, RB Pat Garwo, RB Xavier Coleman, RB Cam’ron Barfield, DL Josh Hardy, CB Jason Scott, DL Shitta Sillah, CB Alex Washington

And as for the recruiting class of high school seniors, it’s ranked last in the ACC. But it’s a smaller class and it seems as if the transfer portal is the route of interest for this offseason. Three-star athlete Syair Torrence out of New York also committed to BC last minute on signing day.

“(It is a) smaller class. I know you probably have questions of why,” he said Wednesday. “It was done with the intent of a little bit of a change in how I wanted to attack this class. I think a lot of you have seen why lately. Smaller class done on purpose.”

Kemori Dixon – LB (George Washington HS) (VA)

“Linebacker, 6-1″, probably 210lbs. right now from Virginia. Very athletic linebacker, probably can play safety. He’ll probably grow into that type of guy who can come downhill and get in the box. Long, athletic. Missed his junior year but was very highly recruited as a younger player. Missed his junior year with an injury, came back and I mean, we were all about him. That was a hard fight at the end, he had other people come in but stuck with us.”

Judah Pruitt – OL (Malcolm X Shabazz HS) (NJ)

“One of the top players in New Jersey. I think he was one of the NJ Players of the Year as an offensive linemen. Originally he was committed somewhere else and we flipped him pretty early in the process. A bunch of coaches kept coming in to recruit him and I appreciate him sticking with us. Big, strong, huge smile that kind of lights up a room. He was up again this weekend watching practice with his family. Obviously, we’re excited about him.”

Jonathan Montague Jr. – QB (Clayton HS) (NC)

“He committed to us over the weekend on a visit. We were looking at a couple other quarterbacks and he was up on a visit…we got really excited about him and got him to commit. Just listen to these numbers: He’s rushed for 2,500 yards. He’s had over 40 touchdowns this year, you’re talking about just this year. Threw for 1,500 yards…you want to talk about an athletic guy and then he’s big. He’s over 200lbs. I would say he’s 6-2″ and what a great kid. What an athlete. You guys should check out his film if you have not. Really excited about him.”

Turbo Richard – RB (Northwestern HS) (SC)

“Short and stalky, not small. He’s probably 5-8″, 208-210lbs. Really good with the ball in his hands. He’s had some huge games and he’s one of the best backs in all of South Carolina, one of the best players in South Carolina. We were on him early and he stuck with us.”

Charlie Comella – DB/ATH (Xaverian HS) (MA)

“Local guy…fell in love with Charlie in our camp. One of the most competitive high school athletes that I’ve seen in a long time. Very fast, played offense and defense at camp. Saw him play live a year and two years ago. He broke his collarbone so he really didn’t get a chance to play this year. I saw him compete at DB and instinctively cover and go get the ball and I offered him at camp. He probably would have blown up this year with a senior year. Two-sport athlete playing baseball, that’s how athletic he is. Really excited about him.”

Jayzen Flint – DE (West Catholic Prep) (PA)

“From Philly, defensive tackle/defensive end. Another kid we had up here quite early. His film was fun to watch. He actually played Wildcat running back and quarterback, so he’s a bigger athlete. He’s definitely not going to play those positions in college, but he gives us a big athlete that can probably play end and tackle.”

Pape Abdoulaye Sy – OL (NFL Academy) (Senegal)

“From Senegal and no I did not go out and home visit him in Senegal. Found him in the NFL Academy. Chris Snee did a good job there with Osi Umenyora – who were teammates – Osi got him into the NFL Academy. They sent us a bunch of film. You want to talk about a giant with a wingspan like I’ve never seen before. One of the coolest visits that we’ve had. You talk about someone that gets here with an appreciation and a smile on his face over the little things that make you kind of take a step back and appreciate it…whether it’s sleeping on a comfortable bed. It’s the first time he’d been in a bed that big. Eating food…just so grateful for everything that he could have had on a visit with a huge smile on his face. Here we are watching and evaluating his film, he’s doing drills in sand. We’re watching video of this giant – it looks like it’s 110 degrees – he’s doing footwork drills in sand, he’s running in sand and boy, did he look athletic. He’s got a chance guys. He’s a different build. He’s a tough kid, he’s grateful. It’s really cool to see a guy get an opportunity like that and I’m excited to see what he can bring. He’d been committed to us for a long time, we just kind of kept it quiet because schools were sniffing around and we did believe he’d blow up. We wanted to make sure this was going to be his home. This guy is a massive human being.”

Cedric Lott – WR (John Horn HS) (TX)

“You guys haven’t seen this kid or many pictures…this kid is a long, beautiful looking receiver. Saw a lot of 7-on-7…Coach Wyatt did a great job with him. Saw a lot of the 7-on-7 film with him. He hadn’t played much in high school. He’s a big time basketball player. I actually went down there two weeks ago to watch him play basketball. You want to talk about a smooth, soft-handed, body control…can dribble, he goes and dunks like it’s me playing on a mini basketball net. Really good athlete who I think is going to have a chance to be a special player and develop with Coach Wyatt. A guy with a ton of upside.”

Ashton McShane – CB (McKinney HS) (TX)

“Another Texas kid from McKinney. I think this kid slipped through the cracks in Texas and a lot of the local coaches kind of said the same thing when I just visited him. Really good player. Instinctive, competitive, smart. Great ball skills, really good coverage skills. Really good size, great kid. Excited about him.”

Jadon Lafontant – OL (Brunswick School) (CT)

“This was a hard fight. Offensive linemen, tackle, guard. When I first saw him…he looks like Mahogany, that’s the type of body size that he has, very athletic…he’ll be an offensive linemen for us. He was committed to Kentucky, had a really hard fight with him with a bunch of schools. We stayed on him, stayed consistent. In our opinion, that’s a local guy, one of the top local guys that there is in the New England area. We had him up two weekends ago at the start of the period when we could get him back. Had him and his mom on campus. He was at practice, spent a ton of time in my office and we were able to flip him. That was a big win for us. We needed to do that in New England. He’s got a chance to be a really special player.”

Ryan Boultwood – TE (Mt. San Antonio) (CA)

“He’s a tight end out of a California junior college, so it’s almost like getting an older player. Kind of got on him late, turned on his film…Coach Schimko is the one who first showed me his film. Big, strong, plays with kind of like a defensive mindset. Violent. Very energetic. Kind of guy when he catches the ball he tries to run through you and accelerate…he’s a guy I believe will have a chance to come in and play. I’m really excited about him.”

Syair Torrence – DB (Christian Brothers Academy) (NY)

(This was the name Hafley said they were waiting on when he met with us, so nothing from Coach on him just yet.)

*Transcript via Kevin Stone of Rivals*

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