Reddit’s WallStreetBets Forum Briefly Goes Dark

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Reddit’s popular WallStreetBets forum briefly went dark late Wednesday, stunning users who had been flooding the community with posts all week amid a frenzied stock rally.

A message on the forum’s landing page initially said WallStreetBets had been taken private by its moderators because of technical difficulties on an “unprecedented scale as a result of the newfound interest in WSB.”

About an hour later, the forum was made available to the public again.

It wasn’t immediately clear why the forum was opened again. A post from one of WallStreetBets’ moderators noted the team had struggled to keep up with the influx of comments and posts submitted to the forum in recent days.

WallStreetBets has been the subject of growing fascination and scrutiny as once-unpopular stocks ranging from GameStop Corp. to AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. have drawn significant interest from individual investors, helping catapult their share prices to eye-popping highs. Much of the discussion surrounding these shares has originated on WallStreetBets and then was amplified across the internet.

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